Used Parts: A Blog About Car Wrecking And Recycling

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Used Parts: A Blog About Car Wrecking And Recycling

Hi there! I'm Dave, and I have a most unusual hobby. I love visiting car wrecking yards. As part of the research for my thesis on the effects of car waste on the environment, I like to watch the process of cars being crushed and pieces being salvaged for recycling. Recently, in China, I saw a state-of-the-art plant which could even separate out the coins that people had dropped behind the back seat! Most friends and family I talk to don't realise the amount of metal and other materials that could be recycled rather than putting old cars in landfills. I have started this blog to outline all the ways that car wreckers help our planet. I hope you find the topic as fascinating as I do. Thank you for smashing in.

Guide to Buying Used Car Parts

When car owners are thinking about car service, many of them seldom contemplate the service they can get from used car part sellers. These auto part dealers usually offer a large selection of salvaged car parts to price-savvy buyers who want to rehabilitate cars. Here are some useful tips you should follow to ensure you get the right used car parts: Dealer legitimacy The used car part market is not free of scams. Read More 

Some Common Questions Car Owners Have About Car Disposal

Recycling an old car that no longer runs and is wrecked beyond repair can be a good idea, rather than trying to sell it and go through the hassle of explaining the repairs needed to each perspective buyer or just having it towed and crushed to be put in a landfill. Since you probably won't get more than a few dollars, if even that, for a wrecked car, you might consider recycling or disposal to save yourself that time and inconvenience. Read More 

Considerations When Selling Your Vehicle to an Auto Wrecker

Selling your vehicle to an auto wrecker is a great way to make money off an automobile whose damage cannot be salvaged. Whether you got into an accident and your car was completely wrecked or simply own an ancient car that you no longer have use for, auto wreckers could be your ideal answer to making some money off it. However, in order to make the most of selling your car for junk, there are a few things to keep in mind. Read More