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Used Parts: A Blog About Car Wrecking And Recycling

Hi there! I'm Dave, and I have a most unusual hobby. I love visiting car wrecking yards. As part of the research for my thesis on the effects of car waste on the environment, I like to watch the process of cars being crushed and pieces being salvaged for recycling. Recently, in China, I saw a state-of-the-art plant which could even separate out the coins that people had dropped behind the back seat! Most friends and family I talk to don't realise the amount of metal and other materials that could be recycled rather than putting old cars in landfills. I have started this blog to outline all the ways that car wreckers help our planet. I hope you find the topic as fascinating as I do. Thank you for smashing in.

Considerations When Selling Your Vehicle to an Auto Wrecker

Selling your vehicle to an auto wrecker is a great way to make money off an automobile whose damage cannot be salvaged. Whether you got into an accident and your car was completely wrecked or simply own an ancient car that you no longer have use for, auto wreckers could be your ideal answer to making some money off it. However, in order to make the most of selling your car for junk, there are a few things to keep in mind. Simply signing it off to the first auto wrecker you come across may not afford you the best profits. Keep in mind that auto wreckers could use the vehicle as scrap or sell its parts as spares. Therefore, it can be quite profitable to them. Here are some of the considerations when selling your vehicle to an auto wrecker.

Ensure the vehicle is registered in your name

It is pertinent to establish your ownership of the vehicle before selling it to an auto wrecker. Most salvage lots and scrap dealers will have policies in place to protect themselves from buying stolen vehicles. One of these policies would be not purchasing the car if you cannot prove that it rightfully belongs to you. Therefore, it is always best to ensure that that the vehicle is registered under your legal name and that you have the documentation to prove it. This will make the sale a much easier process.

Ensure you assess the value of the vehicle beforehand

A common mistake people make when selling their vehicles to auto wreckers is not considering the potential worth of the car. Although the vehicle may not be up and running, any components that are in good working condition will be valuable to the auto wreckers. Therefore, it is best to have the car assessed by an auto mechanic so you can have a ballpark figure of what it could be worth. Additionally, arm yourself with all information pertinent to the car. This will include all the damages that is has acquired, what made the car faulty and more. Auto wreckers access numerous questions in order to be thorough with their assessment. If you cannot answer these questions satisfactorily, chances are you will not get the best price for your vehicle.

Ensure you deliver the vehicle to the auto wrecker

Once you have consulted with the auto wreckers, you need to make arrangements to deliver the vehicle to them. If you opt to have the auto wreckers tow the vehicle themselves, they could charge you and recoup this cost from the value of the vehicle. Opting to deliver to them on your own saves them both time as well as resources. This ensures the initial profit you were getting for your vehicle is not compromised.