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Used Parts: A Blog About Car Wrecking And Recycling

Hi there! I'm Dave, and I have a most unusual hobby. I love visiting car wrecking yards. As part of the research for my thesis on the effects of car waste on the environment, I like to watch the process of cars being crushed and pieces being salvaged for recycling. Recently, in China, I saw a state-of-the-art plant which could even separate out the coins that people had dropped behind the back seat! Most friends and family I talk to don't realise the amount of metal and other materials that could be recycled rather than putting old cars in landfills. I have started this blog to outline all the ways that car wreckers help our planet. I hope you find the topic as fascinating as I do. Thank you for smashing in.

How to Really Stretch Your Budget When Looking for Spare Car Parts

Unless you live in the middle of a large city, where everything you need may be all around you, you need to have your own form of transportation. For many people, this is a bit of a stretch, budget-wise, and they need to try and restrict the amount of money that they spend on their cars over the course of the year. Such a budget plan may be all well and good, but when something breaks, this can be a challenge. Why do you need to consider an alternative when it comes to replacement parts for your vehicle?

Wrecker's Yard to the Rescue

As you may know, automobile manufacturers make most of their profit from replacement parts and often sell the actual cars themselves at minimal profit. If you have limited resources, manufacturer-sourced parts can be out of your reach, but the good news is that a wrecker's yard can more often than not make you mobile once again.

One Man's Junk…

A wrecker's yard will buy a vehicle that is of no use to its current owner as it is or that may be economically unviable for them, for whatever reason. This does not mean that the vehicle is a total loss, however, and the majority of parts on an average vehicle in a wrecker's yard can be salvaged and used elsewhere.

Bargains to Be Found

This is particularly the case when it comes to parts that may be very expensive to replace, but not absolutely "vital" to the vehicle's operation. Take, for example, power window motors and regulators. Years ago, you had to use your own power to mechanically wind the window up and down, but these days it's all electric. Now, however, the components are hidden behind door panels and are quite complicated when you consider the relatively simple task that they perform. Consequently, the cost of replacing these parts new from an original equipment manufacturer is high, but you will almost certainly find a perfectly serviceable window winding kit for your vehicle at a wrecker's yard.

One of the other popular parts is a door mirror, which is first in line to be knocked off whenever you brush up against anything. Pick up the phone and ask your locally wrecker's yard whether they have a door mirror for your vehicle. It may not be precisely colour-coded when it comes off the donor car, but it will be much cheaper than a new version, and you can certainly get it colour-matched quite economically should you wish.

Looking for Your Model

Even if you have a relatively rare car, it's likely that your local wrecker's yard has one or more of those particular vehicles in stock right now. It could be just what you're looking for to help you maintain your strict budget.