Used Parts: A Blog About Car Wrecking And Recycling

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Used Parts: A Blog About Car Wrecking And Recycling

Hi there! I'm Dave, and I have a most unusual hobby. I love visiting car wrecking yards. As part of the research for my thesis on the effects of car waste on the environment, I like to watch the process of cars being crushed and pieces being salvaged for recycling. Recently, in China, I saw a state-of-the-art plant which could even separate out the coins that people had dropped behind the back seat! Most friends and family I talk to don't realise the amount of metal and other materials that could be recycled rather than putting old cars in landfills. I have started this blog to outline all the ways that car wreckers help our planet. I hope you find the topic as fascinating as I do. Thank you for smashing in.

Reasons to Consider Getting a Used Car Battery

In dire need of a car battery replacement?  Dim headlights, a slow cranking engine, and that dreadful clicking sound you hear when you turn your engine's ignition key are all signs you have a bad car battery. Without a fully functioning battery, your car can become a big pet peeve real quick.  When it comes to replacing something as important as your car battery, it's important to buy a quality product. Read More