Used Parts: A Blog About Car Wrecking And Recycling

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Used Parts: A Blog About Car Wrecking And Recycling

Hi there! I'm Dave, and I have a most unusual hobby. I love visiting car wrecking yards. As part of the research for my thesis on the effects of car waste on the environment, I like to watch the process of cars being crushed and pieces being salvaged for recycling. Recently, in China, I saw a state-of-the-art plant which could even separate out the coins that people had dropped behind the back seat! Most friends and family I talk to don't realise the amount of metal and other materials that could be recycled rather than putting old cars in landfills. I have started this blog to outline all the ways that car wreckers help our planet. I hope you find the topic as fascinating as I do. Thank you for smashing in.

How To Buy Auto Parts

Buying auto parts is often a nerve-wracking experience for most car owners. As such, they often leave the task to their mechanics. Nonetheless, this should not be your case if you read this explosive article with insights on how to purchase auto parts.  Your first task is to determine the quality of the part you need. For instance, do you need a new, refurbished or used part? Several factors will influence your decision. Read More 

Why You Should Sell Your Car To An Auto Wrecker

Auto wrecking yards are businesses that specialise in the disposal of old and wrecked cars. Below is an excerpt discussing the benefits of selling your vehicle to a wrecking yard. Hopefully, it will increase your confidence in the services offered by wrecking yards.  Environmental Benefits Auto wrecking yards help reduce the environmental pollution caused by wrecked and old cars. Other than the air pollution caused by driving an old engine, old cars also cause land pollution through lubricant leaks and rusted metal. Read More 

Reasons to Consider Getting a Used Car Battery

In dire need of a car battery replacement?  Dim headlights, a slow cranking engine, and that dreadful clicking sound you hear when you turn your engine's ignition key are all signs you have a bad car battery. Without a fully functioning battery, your car can become a big pet peeve real quick.  When it comes to replacing something as important as your car battery, it's important to buy a quality product. Read More 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Dying Car

If you've wrung every last bit of performance out of your car and have turned the clock back two or even three times, then you've got to face the inevitable. You're likely to encounter more downtime than anything else if you continue to drive this vehicle, as a variety of parts will continue to fail. As you begin to look around for a replacement vehicle, you may be wondering what to do with your 'old banger', and you may be able to get some money for it after all if you dispose of it correctly. Read More 

How to Really Stretch Your Budget When Looking for Spare Car Parts

Unless you live in the middle of a large city, where everything you need may be all around you, you need to have your own form of transportation. For many people, this is a bit of a stretch, budget-wise, and they need to try and restrict the amount of money that they spend on their cars over the course of the year. Such a budget plan may be all well and good, but when something breaks, this can be a challenge. Read More